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Access to justice for all Oklahomans

“A person’s a person, no matter how small” ~ Dr. Seuss

At Tulsa Lawyers for Children, our purpose is to make sure abused and neglected children are treated and represented just like any paying adult client.  We are the voices of children in court.  We represent their wants and needs and make sure they are heard.  


Tulsa Lawyers for Children “TLC” is a not-for-profit organization representing children in juvenile court matters where the family is in distress and under the court's supervision.                                                      

These "deprived child or children" actions arise when allegations of abuse and neglect are raised against the parents.      

TLC has two goals: 

  1. TLC accepts court appointments where there is a conflict of interest, such as the Public Defender's Office or another lawyer represent another family member and the children want a different outcome in the case
  2. TLC assures that volunteer attorneys representing children have the professional skill and competence required to practice in this specialized area of the law.

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