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Tulsa Lawyers for Children?


Can I hire Tulsa Lawyers for Children (TLC) to represent a child in need?

No.  TLC only accepts appointments to represent abused children from the Judges at the Juvenile Division of the Tulsa District Court.  A referral is made to TLC when there is conflict within the Public Defender’s Office or when the siblings within a family group desire different legal outcomes.  

Does TLC represent children in other counties in Oklahoma?

Presently, TLC only represents children who are abused and neglected in Tulsa County.  However, many of the children we represent reside in foster homes outside of Tulsa County.

Do I have to be a lawyer to volunteer for TLC?

No!  There are several ways you can volunteer at TLC.  You can serve on the Board of Directors, work with children one on one, assist in the office or volunteer for an event.  To become a volunteer, click here.

What is the difference between TLC and CASA (Court Appointed Special Advocates)?

A CASA volunteer acts as a guardian ad litem, for an abused or neglected child and always advocates for a child’s best interest. CASA volunteers are not attorneys.

A TLC volunteer is an attorney providing pro bono legal services to a child at all Juvenile Court proceedings involving that child and his/her parents or guardians.  Depending on the age of the child, the TLC volunteer may represent a child’s best interest or expressed interest. TLC volunteers consider the child a client and treat the child as if they were any adult paying client.

I am an attorney, but I don’t specialize in Juvenile Law. Can I still volunteer for TLC?

Yes! TLC provides two opportunities to learn more about Title 10A – The Oklahoma Children’s Code. A six hour course is offered in the Spring and the Fall at the University of Tulsa – College of Law, which provides an in depth overview of deprived cases from adjudication to adoption or reunification.

Additional learning opportunities are offered throughout the year in a variety of different venues.  There are monthly Lunch and Learns and quarterly Advanced Legal Education (A.L.E.) classes. All TLC offerings are approved for continuing legal education (C.L.E.) credits by the Oklahoma Bar Association.

The classes are always free but pre-registration is required.

Do lawyers receive any financial compensation for their work with TLC?

No, all of the lawyers trained by TLC donate their time to represent children on a pro bono basis (for free).

How much time commitment does volunteering entail?

  • TLC volunteers are assigned one case at a time. Usually, each volunteer only represents one child unless siblings are placed together in the same foster home.
  • The frequency of Court hearings may vary. Generally, hearings are held several times a year. Prior to each Court appearance, volunteer lawyers are required by statute to meet with their clients.  TLC attorneys meet with their clients monthly in order to ensure their clients’ well-being. TLC volunteers average approximately 20 hours per year visiting their clients and making court appearances. Some cases may require a greater time commitment because the matters can only be resolved by a non jury or a jury trial.
  • Court appearances are somewhat informal. The judge, the parents’ attorneys, DHS, the Assistant District Attorney and the child’s counsel discuss the case, check on the status of children and monitor the parent’s compliance with the court ordered treatment plans. Because of the heavy caseloads in Tulsa County, many TLC attorneys can count on spending at least an hour waiting for their case to be called on the docket.  
  • Jury and non-jury trials (which take place in some cases) rarely last for more than two days, but complex cases may take as long as a week.
  • The Court may order staffings or mediation to resolve conflicts or improve parental engagement. There, TLC attorneys are encouraged to attend Mediations and Court ordered staffings.  If a TLC volunteer is unable to attend a court hearing or court ordered mediation or staffing, TLC staff can cover.

Are there any special requirements for TLC Volunteers?

  • Be a member in good standing with the Oklahoma Bar Association.
  • Complete the TLC Title 10- A Children’s Code Training within six months of volunteering.
  • Carry professional liability insurance or participate in the TLC umbrella policy (available only to attorneys, such as government, corporate in-house and retired attorneys, who are not in private practice and do not have professional liability coverage in their employment).
  • Complete six hours of CLE every year on issues pertaining to child abuse and neglect.